#8 Sales Invention, Not Prevention – Customer Relationships

3/21/23 Happy Tuesday… When I first started in sales, I thought it was about closing a sale and moving on to the next one.  What I found out was that you have to build relationships and understand what the potential customer challenges and needs are.  Especially today, there is no room for poor customer service.   […]

3/14/23 #7 Sales Invention, Not Prevention- Today’s Challenges for Small Business Owners

Happy Tuesday!   Small businesses often face unique challenges that larger businesses may not.  In today’s new normal, which is fast-paced and constantly changing, small business owners must navigate various obstacles to stay competitive and succeed.  Let’s look at a few challenges facing small business owners today. Recessionary times and Economic Uncertainty With global markets […]

1/31/23 Focus on Sales Invention- Not Prevention #1

Happy Tuesday, today, we wrap up the first month of 2023.  There are 334 days to make this a great year, personally and professionally.   This week, I want to write about Market Dominating Position (USP-unique selling proposition). Determine your strategic position in the marketplace.  What specific niche market or segment of the marketplace should […]

12/6/22 Create an impactful sales process!

Happy Tuesday!  26 days left in 2022 to build momentum for 2023.   What is a sales process?   A sales process is a roadmap that defines a specific set of steps for marketing and selling your product or service. Three essential components define your sales process.   Lead generation: [Reaching potential customers with a laser-focused […]

11/29/22 Are you using yesterday’s strategies & tactics?

Let me ask you, are you using yesterday’s strategies and tactics and finding that they don’t solve today’s problems?    Many best practices developed in the past were not developed for our current new normal.  2023 should be the year of no more STATUS QUO; instead, focus on new strategies and tactics that are creative, unique, […]

11/13/22 Do You Have a Unique Selling Position?

If I were your prospective customer, why should I do business with you above any and all other options?   A USP is the single, most distinct, and significant benefit a business owner provides to their clients that’s different from their competition.  Your USP creates a substantial competitive edge for your business.  Developed properly, it […]