#17 Sales Invention, Not Prevention – How to Prioritize Your Tasks for Maximum Productivity

5/23/23 Managing multiple tasks and responsibilities can often feel overwhelming in today’s fast-paced world. Effective task prioritization is the key to staying on top of things and being productive. Properly prioritizing your tasks can optimize your productivity and achieve more in less time. Identify and Understand Your Goals: Before diving into task prioritization, it’s crucial […]

#10 Sales Invention, Not Prevention-Setting Business Goals Using a Coach 4/4/23

Happy Tuesday! Setting business goals is an important process for any entrepreneur or a business owner. Goals help give direction and focus to your business, allowing you to measure progress and success. However, setting challenging but attainable goals and developing a plan to achieve them can be difficult. This is where working with a coach […]

#9 Sales Invention, Not Prevention-Getting Back up After Failure 3/28/23

Happy Tuesday! Failure is often said to be the first step toward success, and nowhere is that more true than in the business world. Many of our time’s most successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople had experienced failure before they achieved their dreams. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most famous businesspeople who failed […]

3/14/23 #7 Sales Invention, Not Prevention- Today’s Challenges for Small Business Owners

Happy Tuesday!   Small businesses often face unique challenges that larger businesses may not.  In today’s new normal, which is fast-paced and constantly changing, small business owners must navigate various obstacles to stay competitive and succeed.  Let’s look at a few challenges facing small business owners today. Recessionary times and Economic Uncertainty With global markets […]

3/7/23 #6 Sales Invention, Not Prevention – The Importance of having a Process

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, having a process is essential for achieving success in any endeavor. A process is a sequence of steps to achieve a particular goal. A well-defined process can help individuals and organizations improve efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve their desired outcomes.   One of the main benefits of having a […]

2/28/23 – #5 Sales Invention, Not Prevention – Accountability

Happy Tuesday!   Here is one definition of an accountability coach:  An accountability coach is a professional who works with you and your business to help develop new skills required for problem resolution and resource management.   Last week, my blog focused on results.  In addition to getting results, we all have to be accountable […]

2/7/23 Sales Invention Not Prevention #2 The Entrepreneur Curve

Happy Tuesday! Let me ask you a question.  Do you have days where you stand on top of the mountain and other days where you feel like jumping off the ledge?  You are not alone; this is life’s curve, and we must manage it daily. Entrepreneurs especially have to manage their curves by the hour […]

1/10/23 Back to Basics – Some areas to review

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully, the first week of January went well for everyone as we started plowing through the first quarter of 2023. When I start to work with a small business helping them create strategies, one of the first things I discuss is back to basics.  One area is variable costs like the cost of […]

Kick Start Your Marketing

Today I’d like to teach you about the three most important start up marketing tools you need to get and keep new customers. In person: It’s essential you meet with customers/clients in person whenever possible. This shows you respect them and take the time to work with your clients to give personal attention to each […]