#8 Sales Invention, Not Prevention – Customer Relationships


Happy Tuesday…

When I first started in sales, I thought it was about closing a sale and moving on to the next one.  What I found out was that you have to build relationships and understand what the potential customer challenges and needs are.  Especially today, there is no room for poor customer service.  

What is Customer Relationship Building?

Customer relationship building is gaining a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs, expectations, and motivations. It involves listening to what they say, observing their behavior, and asking questions that help you understand how they feel about a product or service.
Customer relationship building can be done through many channels–in person, over the phone, or online–but it’s important to remember that no matter how you do it (or where), each customer will have different preferences for how they like to be communicated with. 

The Benefits of Building Customer Relationships

By building customer relationships, you can:

How to Build Customer Relationships

To get the results you want and support to thrive as a small business, message me, or you can email me at david.foley@uniquesalesandstrategy.com


Wishing you much success.

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