Perseverance can produce results

Hello and Happy Tuesday,

12 days left in 2022!  Ride that momentum right into 2023. 


Earlier this year, I found this article on social media, reinforcing that you can persevere and build a successful path on your terms.   It’s a quick story, but it makes the point perfectly.

But it is not easy, and nothing is guaranteed in life.  You are ahead of many people if you know what you want and develop your roadmap to the future 10X.   Also, sometimes life happens, and we have to adjust.  If you want something, don’t wait for the opportunity – you have to CREATE IT.

Just over five years ago, Max McGee worked as a server at The Capital Grille and Famous Dave’s after leaving college.

After 250 applications, he landed his first TV job.

In October, he got an ESPN audition through LinkedIn.

McGee just finished his first week with SportsCenter.


I wish everyone a happy holiday and a fantastic New Year!

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