Happy Tuesday!  26 days left in 2022 to build momentum for 2023.


What is a sales process?  

A sales process is a roadmap that defines a specific set of steps for marketing and selling your product or service.

Three essential components define your sales process.


  1. Lead generation: [Reaching potential customers with a laser-focused message.]
  2. Lead qualification: [Separates potential customers-those who want vs. those who need.] 
  3. Lead conversion: [Transforming a potential customer into an actual customer]


Distribution Channel Examples:

  1. Online
  2. Direct sales
  3. Sales agents
  4. Phone sales
  5. Mail order
  6. Retail
  7. Live events


A strategy is an idea, a conceptualization of how the goal could be achieved.

A tactic is an action you take to execute the strategy.

The distribution channels, strategies, and tactics are the components responsible for making lead generation and lead conversion happen.


As you plan your out-sell, out-think, out-market strategy for 2023, focus on a sales process that will convert potential customers into committed customers.  No longer is a one strategy fits all; instead, there must be different channels to market and communicate with customers. 

Remember, status quo is no longer for our future planning.


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