Happy Tuesday, today, we wrap up the first month of 2023.  There are 334 days to make this a great year, personally and professionally.


This week, I want to write about Market Dominating Position (USP-unique selling proposition).

Determine your strategic position in the marketplace.  What specific niche market or segment of the marketplace should your business focus on?  Why is your product or service unique and any different than the competition?

Once you have created your MDP statement, it must be reviewed with the team, and everyone has to understand it, learn it, speak it, and be part of the supporting process. 

Example:  We deliver pizza within 30 minutes, or your pizza is free!

Every Monday at 9 am, a report will be circulated to the team on the previous week’s results and topics to review.

This is just an example but every business should have MDP statement and break it down –



Remember – We can no longer be status quo and we need to creative, aligned and keeping simple, focused and ready to execute.

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