As we roll into 2023, in addition to not being status quo and becoming innovative with a plan, process, and routine, one area we can’t forget about is the basics.

Today, I am focusing on customer service and the front-line teams that have to make it happen. I watched TV last night, and someone was dropping off a grocery bag at the door.  I went to investigate, and there was a bag with some grocery items and a receipt.  The grocery delivery service dropped off at the wrong address.   At that point, I called the store, and the clerk said they couldn’t do anything and I would have to call the service.   We called one of the services, and they said to keep it as they couldn’t pinpoint who the correct customer was.  I also have to mention that this just happened to a friend of mine over the weekend, and his order was a large order with the same outcome.


Companies can have all the meetings in the nice board rooms and offices about procedures and have a solid process, but if the most important employees can’t do the correct things on the front line, you are wasting your time.   The employee who dropped the bag off at the wrong address had information on his phone app.  The store and delivery companies wouldn’t go any further to find out who the correct customer was and rectify the situation.   


Was it proper training or hiring the wrong person?  No matter what the reason is, You must have the right ambassadors on the front line.   If they are shy or can’t say hello when dealing with customers, then they are probably not the right fit for 2023.  


 Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.

Tony Hsieh – CEO of Zappos

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